Water Resources Engineering

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Water Resources Engineering

The Water Resource Engineering Group at the George Washington University uses multidisciplinary research, numerical methods, experimental methods, data analytics and data assimilation, remote sensing, and visualization to advance the state of hydrological sciences and water resource science and engineering. Research activities of faculty and students in this group span from large- scale modeling of exchange of heat, moisture and carbon fluxes between the land and the atmosphere to small –scale modeling of surface and groundwater flows.  Water Resources Engineering faculty and Environmental engineering faculty and students work closely to better understand the emerging risks and challenges resulting from global environmental change for our short term and long-term water security. 

Research Facilities for Water Resource Engineering



Water Resource Engineering Computational Lab:

Located on sixth floor of Science and Engineering Hall, this lab provides the students with  desktops and workstations to write computer models, prepare presentation and access and submit applications to the high performance computing facilities remotely.  

There are several research computing services available to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) researchers at the George Washington University (GWU)  that fulfills the computational and software requirements needed to conduct the Water Resources Engineering group research activities. 

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Hydraulic Lab:  

The lab has several major equipment and instruments including but not limited to a 5 m Multipurpose glass flume (C4-MKII Multi-purpose Teaching Flume) and Emriver 4 stream table. The lab has appropriate equipment for students to conduct a variety of experiments related to hydraulics of flow in water systems.  The stream table in the lab (bottom figure) is a robust, modular research system capable of a wide array of geomorphological simulations such as floodplains, delta formation, groundwater processes and sediment transport.

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