Certificate in Smart Cities and Transportation

Graduate Certificate Program

Offered through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the graduate certificate in Smart Cities and Transportation provides students with the key knowledge and skills required to understand and apply smart technology for operating a data-rich smart urban environment. Coursework is supplemented by hands-on modules on different software and technology tools available in GW's Transportation Program laboratories, including driving simulation, mobile robotics, sustainable urban mobility, traffic equity and safety, and vehicle instrumentation and automation.

Credit earned in this program may be applied to the requirements for the master of science civil and environmental engineering degree.

Course Structure

The program is comprised of 12 credit hours and is completed through four courses:


Once course in numerical methods selected from the following:

  • CE 6102: Application of Probability Methods in Civil Engineering
  • CE 6711: Civil Infrastructure Optimization
  • CE 6712: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Civil and Environmental Engineering

One course in transportation applications selected from the following:

  • CE 6721: Traffic Engineering and Highway Safety
  • CE 6722: Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 6723: Fundamentals of Highway Safety

Two courses in smart city integration selected from the following:

  • CE 6730: Sustainable Urban Planning
  • CE 6731: Economics of Transportation Systems
  • CE 6732: Automation and Sensing in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • CE 6733: Human Factors in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Admissions Requirements

Prospective students must fulfill the certificate admissions requirements through submission of a complete online application form and other documents as listed by the deadlines noted.

Please note: First-time international applicants may not apply directly to a certificate program. 

Current SEAS graduate students who wish to complete a certificate along with their master's or doctoral program must also follow the certificate admissions requirements, but may opt to have their transcripts and documents transferred from their previous application. Please contact [email protected] to make the request.

Transfer to Master's Program

Upon successful completion of a certificate program, students have the option to transfer credits to a full master's program at the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Please note: You must receive a B or higher in each course in order for it to transfer. Additionally, you must submit a new application for the selected master's program and provide the required documents and exam scores as part of the master's program admissions requirements.

For any questions, please contact [email protected].