Mechanics and Materials

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Mechanics and Materials


Virtually all matters in our physical world are materials. Indeed, understanding and developing new materials constitutes one of the most vibrant fields of modern engineering and applied science. In this active research area, CEE faculty combine theoretical and experimental approaches to elucidate fundamental materials behaviors and develop novel materials and solutions for societal needs. The current ongoing research in materials engineering at GW is focused on energy, environment, and sensing.

Research Facilities

xenon lamp in lighted area
xenon lamp in darkened room

Xenon lamp used for photocatalytic reactions

Multi-channel potentiostat (Bio-Logic) with impedance capability

Multi-channel potentiostat (Bio-Logic) with impedance capability. This device can be used to supply controlled current and voltage and perform electrochemical impedance spectroscopy experiments. 

Custom-made electrochemical desalination device in Prof. Liu’s lab

Custom-made electrochemical desalination device in Prof. Liu’s lab. This device is used to evaluate the desalination performance of new electrode and membrane materials.

Research Stories

Unraveling complex structures and properties of group IV alloys for mid-infrared technology (Prof. Li)

Understanding thermodynamics and kinetics of crystal nucleation (Prof. Li)

From Engineering Application to Environmental Implication: Emerging Photoreactive (Nano)material of Graphitic Carbon Nitride (Prof. Shuai)

Re-designing materials for desalination of unconventional water sources (Prof. Liu)


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Xitong Liu
Assistant Professor
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